Mini four-legged friends

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Whilst we await the final few months of our little human belly friend to arrive, we can fill it with the excitement of our third season of new cows coming to the farm. All being well they should be joining us in the next couple of weekends.
This year we are trying out a small breed call Dexters. There are a few reasons:

  • lighter footfall on the land and suited to steep slopes
  • we know some local breeders who are ready to sell
  • smaller handling for myself and the baby when I’m on maternity leave being full-time farm girl
  • cute and small, therefore better costs for hobby farmers like us who’s big cows last year nearly sent us bankrupt due to summer feed costs
  • ideal size for the freezer (yes, this is to be the year when we accept the reality of home-grown meat)
  • we can keep them longer over the summer and try our hand at breeding
  • they are celtic in origin (sits well with my mystical leanings)

We are excited and looking forward to having friendly ‘mooing’ echoing across the paddocks again.

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