Who is the Wild Librarian?

I work as a Learning Designer in higher education, I’m South Australia. I am also a librarian who accidentally wandered out into the woods into web development and eLearning for most of my career.

I feel no less of a librarian for this wandering. I love libraries so much that I volunteer in libraries outside of my work as much as possible. I am a Code Club volunteer in my local public library.  I am passionate about using technology to connect to literature, imagination and creativity for children. 

As The Wild Librarian, I share books and authors here that I personally love.  They tend to be middle-grade to YA fantasy and often invoke some connection to nature and wildness too. This is a new focus for this blog that originally started in 2005. My older posts about permaculture and farming are still here too. Have a wander.

You can also find me on other sites,  writing about my work in educational technology and reviewing ARC’s for the Children’s Book Council of Australia. 

Why “the wild” librarian?

When I think about the best bits of days, the parts of days that fill me with wonder – they always hearken back to twilight in a wild place. Or reading a book set it in wild or imagined landscape.

Twilight is that fleeting time in-between day and night that is beautiful in any place.  Twilight is when you feel closest to some sort of otherworld – doors feel open and boundaries traversable.

I seem to always be in-between books and technology, my own constant twilight..  Books, reading, literacy and creative learning and maker technologies are entangled for me. I’ll increasingly be writing about my edtech work and Code Club volunteering, exploring how creative making and coding can link to books.

Come, heart, where hill is heaped upon hill:
For there the mystical brotherhood
Of sun and moon and hollow and wood
And river and stream work out their will;
Into the twilight – W.B.Yeats

As a keen amateur photographer, all photographs used are my own, except where indicated.

Angela, The Wild Librarian