Blue energy


I thought I’d make an exciting new energy discovery last night. I was walking down a darkened hallway opening a gummed envelope and I saw a neon blue flash of light.  No, it wasn’t me having a dream about getting a letterof acceptance from Hogwarts, but it wasn’t a one off phenomena either.  By sticking the envelope back down the blue flash could be called up at will.  Like any good wannabe scientistette,  I got my husband to verify my findings.  He too could see the blue flash.  I was relieved to find it was not my imagination or the result of reading waaay too much Robert Jordan lately.  (WOT reference for RJ geeks: Well, I *might* be Aes Sedai, can you prove that I’m not?)

Was this a potential source of free energy for the future? Maybe we could use this blue flash to run lightbulbs on our property?  My eco-thoughts got a little carried away…..

Anyway, I went straight to the holy scriptures –  the New Scientist magazine website – only to find that the blue flash has already been discovered.  Looks like I won’t be going on the ABC’s ‘New Inventors’ program just yet.   Interesting to note the suggestion that it could, in theory, cause an ignition.  Next time we’re camping, I’ll be putting aside my matches and pulling out my pack of gummed envelopes (recycled of course!).

Try it with the next gummed envelope you get. I can’t confirm that all brands of gum will yield a result.   Who knows, it could spontaneously combust and get you out of paying that pesky bill.



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