Balti’s first girlfriend


Raising Balti from a day old calf by bottle and teaching him to drink milk from a bucket last year was our first calf raising experience.

It’s now pretty amusing to watch Balti enter his teenage years and start to get frisky with the ladies. I watched a beautiful cow ritual of head rubbing, eye gazing and even eye lash fluttering. There was definitely some cow flirting going on. Although I didn’t catch any of the courtship action on camera (I’m no cow perve!) here is a photograph of Balti and his cute girl, Skye.
balti and his girl

Yes, love in most certainly in the air, as thick as pollen, ‘twixt the trees in the paddocks. It’s a festival of free spring cow love.

We’ve only ever had just boy cows before, so now with a mixed bunch it’s interesting to watch the difference in the dyamic and learn a bit about cow courtship. Very cute. All our males are steers though so there will no calves without vet intervention.


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