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Transit of Venus

I had an errand in the city today which provided the perfect opportunity to hang out at the Astronomical Society of South Australia’s public viewing for the Transit of Venus.

4.5 year old seemed to be slightly disappointed with the actual view through her solar glasses (it’s hard to match reality with imagination) but after a few drawings and another explanation over hot chocolate afterwards she got belatedly excited.

I think she’ll love this memory ehen she is older. I remember being a bit disappointed by the smudgy Halley’s Comet when I was a child, but now it’s a cherished moment of wonder.



Free-range and wild dust bunnies

There has been a population explosion of dust bunnies here! The research I have conducted online suggest that ours are special – they free-range and effectively live wild.

I was going to add a fascinating discourse about my recent observations and research on these dust bunnies (including a photograph of a wild one!) but I’ve noticed that all the links to images in my posts on this site from 2006 are still pointing to my old URL and will need uploading again … a job for the next few days.

Sorry, looks like any of you interested in dust bunnies will just have to wait … and if you don’t know what dust bunnies are … perhaps you will intrigued enough to return here one day to find out …