Wind in the Willows…the extra chapters


I sat down to do some study today after just coming in from outside and in a very strange turn of events, lo and behold there be a dragonfly on my knee. No, this is not wishful thinking on my part, maybe my obsession just attracts them.

It flew off and landed on the Christmas tree and so I grabbed a glass and set about catching the little wayfaring critter. A few moments later and I was ready to release him in a ‘Born Free’ kind of moment. It flew off a little skittishly and landed on the grass.

Then Elf ate it. That’s right, my puppy ended the already fleeting life of my favourite insect. Cleary Elf sees herself more as the cheeky puck kind of elf, rather than the sophisticated earth spirit kind of Elf that I named her after. 😉

I have had ‘The Wind in the Willows’ talk with Merlin. Basically, in the UK he was not allowed to eat any creature that appears in the WITW. Then we moved to Australia, so I had to take drastic action by writing an extra chapter of WITW where Ratty & Mole themselves take a trip to Australia and meet a range of native wildlife. Clearly, I need to add another chapter where they meet various insects.


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