Veg patch – Spring is springing like a springy thingy


It’s early early Spring (I think) and so as I’m working the on the no-dig beds, I’m also trying to get some seeds planted.

My never-tiring helpers…
It never fails to fascinate me that 6 days after dropping a seed in some soil, new life unfurls and reaches for the sun. It is amazing.
The winter veg bed has gone crazy! It’s tempting to cut down the stuff that has bolted and flowered, but the bees love it so much, and I need bees to pollinate the newly emerging blossom on my fruit trees – so the veg patch, wild as it looks, stays at is for now – it plays an important role in providing flowers for bees at the moment.
First oranges from our dwarf tree. I can’t wait to taste them! We all get half each.
Technically, there are 5 in our family now, meet Jimmy.

I’m also trying to get some seeds planted and researching which native plants are hosts for butterflies in this area so that I can make our front garden even more butterfly friendly.


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