The sky is falling…


“Well, it’s been a while since I…”  –> this a phrase I’m overly familiar with at the moment, but indeed it has been a while since I wrote.

I can’t complain though, it’s a beautiful but time consuming role of mothering a 7 and a half month old that keeps me busy, but I still find time for the animals – just not as much as they were accustomed to.

We have just returned home having been overseas on 5 week UK jaunt. As no one would be staying at the farm this time, deciding what to do with all our animals was a major feat of planning. We decided the only quick way to handle our flock of chickens was sadly to sell them – including Rajiv our handsome rooster.  We did however, decide to keep Rose, the Sussex Hen.  Rose, along with the dogs Molly and Elf, seven cows and a goat all went to our friends place. Imagine releasing such a menagarie on your friends!!  Incredibly, they still want to be our friends after 5 weeks with our mad animals.  Apparently all were well behaved!!

Gandalf looked after the farm and had visits from my mum.

We were able to bring Rose and the dogs home on our first weekend back, but ass you can imagine, transporting a goat and seven cows requires a little more organisation, so we’ll be bringing them home soon. The farm is eerily quiet.

I’ve also been worried about Rose this past week, as she’s been a lone chicken with no little friends to scratch around with. So today, I bought two little brown hens to be her friends.  Fionna helped pick them out (I think).  Richard has called his Betty and I’ve named the other ‘Henny Penny’ (“Goodness gracious me! The sky is falling”) – so that I can read the book to Fionna. 😉


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