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Metallic nature

shield bug eggs
Shield bug eggs?

I found these beautiful little silver metallic eggs on the underside of a leaf.  I think they belong to a shield bug (or stink bug) and there are definitely plenty of those around from time to time.  I love the gradient pattern of colours, which I’m guessing are the result of the eggs being at different stages of development? Looks like a design.

As most shield bugs are plant pests, and like to suck sap, I have to say they aren’t exactly welcome to set up big colonies in my garden – unless they are the good guys (and I don’t know how to work that out yet). I’m going to keep an eye out for the bugs and see if I can learn something about who they are over summer.

Even if they are the pest variety,  I can definitely still appreciate their spot in the ecosystem and admire the beauty of their eggs. Respect your enemies.