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Harvest time

In April I planted some winter greens that are new to me in terms of growing: kale, tatsoi, and mizuna. I was unsure of how they would go, and so I’m very excited by their bumper growth.

My growing technique is basically, well…reluctant neglect. I have hardly done any gardening apart from weeding over the autumn. Apart from one hit of worm castings and juice in early June and the plentiful winter rains they have looked after themselves nicely

I haven’t even harvested any to cook with yet, but will be from now on.

     20120703-111332.jpg    Two bowls of green leafy home grown veg

Lovely leafy greens

I’m planting some tasty greens for autumn/winter soups – a few Asian greens I’ve never tasted individually- tatsoi, yukina, and mizuna red and kale because it’s an incredible superfood.

Also one of my old favourite Dragon’s Tongue Beans. I love the name as much as their beauty.

I’m quite excited as I like growing things that aren’t easily available in the shops and it should be a great learning experience in the garden and kitchen!





Mizuna Red




Dragons Tongue Beans