Super-furry animals

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The most important survival skill for a furry animal surviving in a human-dominated wilderness is to know where to get extra warmth to sustain you through winter evenings.

Example 1 – Molly and Elf demonstrate here that they have adapted well.

molly elf & fireside

Example 2 – Merlin understands the basic concepts of fire too.

merlin & fire

Gandalf, however, grapples to understand the concept of the fire and has been  on what can only be described as an endless quest for a source of warmth…

Quest 1: sock basket

gandalf socks

Gandalf’s conclusion:  grumpy and still cold, in trouble from humans for making hairy socks

Quest 2: wet washing

gandalf washing

Gandalf’s conclusion:  Grumpier and even colder – also in trouble from humans for making hairy washing

Quest 3: baby belly

gandalf belly

Gandalf’s conclusion: warm but grumpy, can’t sleep,  got kicked in head by thing within, humans laughing.

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2 thoughts on “Super-furry animals”

  1. These cats, they make me happy. I really do love the cats that lounge all so carelessly on the rug, on the pillow on the mat, on the ground. These fuzzy nick nacks they’re I don’t know they’re amazing. They make feel, so good. Thank you. =3

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