Rewilding the rhizome


My small, slow contribution for the final week of #rhizo15 is an invitation to none, one, and many, laid in a public library copy of A Thousand Plateaus by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, within the Introduction: Rhizome within pages.

 Written on a treasured last piece of writing paper I bought in India in 2001 and now released into the wilderness of the public library. Entanglement. I hope.      


4 thoughts on “Rewilding the rhizome”

  1. Terrific. I ended the year for my high school students with a vaguely similar project. We asked ourselves how we were going to contribute a verse to the world and we collaboratively decided to each write (or find) a poem that we would hide for someone to accidentally discover. A number of students hid them in books at the public library.
    Here is the handout of the Final Project. I tried to make it somewhat rhizomatic.–g-sghQzYNfM-Xt3lcwVvy0dgAe-V9hKtqtORWsao/edit?usp=sharing

    1. How lucky readers will feel when they find a poem in a book. 🙂 The most beautiful thing I found in an old book, was a drafted poem with edits, that had been made into a mini-book for someone, and the name matched the inscription in the front of the book, so that person had received the book and this extra folded mini-book as a gift. That unwritten story was one of the most incredible stories I’ve never read. I even miss the old library borrowing cards where you could read the names of previous borrowers.

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