Quince and melons


plantingOver the weekend we added a quince tree to the orchard that Richard picked up for a bargain at the local charity auction.

I must admit to not knowing too much about the humble ancient quince, but after doing a bit of research I’m quite excited about it’s future fruiting and potential jars of home grown marmalade and other quincey things.

I also received some free melon seeds from Diggers late last week. The thought of the water it might take to grow large melons had meant I’d never really considered them for our place as we have to be a little careful being just on rainwater. However I was excited to find out that these are small heirloom melons called Hao-gen, originating from Hungary. They are sometimes called Israeli melons because of the popularity of them there.  Sometimes the chance to grow something new just comes from the opportunity of pure availability like this – so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

We just harvested our first few delicious snow peas today too —mmmmmm.

This week I will be trying to get a few trays of seeds started for spring;  lettuces,  heirloom capsicum, coriander, dragon tongue beans, rainbow silverbeet and I’ll give okra another go this year. I’d really like it grow as it seems impossible to buy it anywhere.


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