Patchouli arrives


The patchouli plants arrived safe and alive and I’ve potted them to get them established first. So if you’ve ever wondered what patchouli looks like before it’s rolled into a pleasant smelling incense stick, here they are:-

patchouli plants


3 thoughts on “Patchouli arrives”

  1. Planted two patchouli’s out in the back garden. Left two in pots. One that I put into the ground is just about dead. Not sure if I’ve over or under watered. This is not good. hmmm….

  2. I got my patchouli plants from the only place I could find in Australia, a place called Medicine Garden.

    They posted them from NSW to my state (South Australia) – not sure if they post overseas. I ordered 4 plants they arrived in great condition but they really struggled over a long hot dry summer here, even trying different locations. Two survived but they are looking a looking sick even now that it’s winter but I’m hoping to pull them through.

    Good luck with finding them!

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