Our first ever greenhouse

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Richard has spent his entire week of annual leave lovingly building a greenhouse. Made almost entirely for free – the framework came from a friends small shadehouse which Richard extended with metal framework from my parents dismantled bird aviaries. The pieces magically slotted together to form this beautiful mega-framework. We had to spend a small amount on a piece of wood, some fixings, compost, gravel and plastic – but all up I think it was less than $100. Pretty impressive. It even has a tap within and a raised bed and will have benches/tables for potting!

The result – an impressively sized greenhouse ready to hopefully supply us with greens over winter and a head start on tomatoes in the spring.

A friend of ours helped Richard dig the flat foundation last weekend (a hell job with pick axe into what is basically rock) and this jump-started the week long project to the point where Richard almost finished completely. Richard didn’t get much rest during this holiday. As you can see from the photograph, Gandalf was the ever helpful cat.

I had my hands full with 2 week old baby Fionna so was only involved as a sounding board for design issues. I think I held a bit of plastic aloft at some stage but that was it. Fionna was fairly happy to sit next to the building site for feeds, but got a little grumpy during the drilling – so all credit goes to Richard for this beautiful structure that I just watched appear before my very tired eyes. I’m hoping Fionna will be happy to spend time out there watching me get my hands dirty. As soon as she can hold her own head up we’ll have a spade in her hand. 😉

Richard only has a few small bits left to finish, so I’ll add some final images once it is finished, but for us this is a very exciting addition to our small dreams of becoming more and more self sufficient.

greenhouse 2

greenhouse 1

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