No-dig beds – finished!

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As a follow up to my no-dig gardening beds

Finished beds!

Kind husband brought in a trailer load of compost over the weekend for me. Today, after a few hours of shovelling it around a little bit more, then mega-mulching, I stood back with a HUGE feeling of achievement. :). Ready to plant!!!

Maybe from the photos, it doesn’t look like much but it has been layer upon layer, and then waiting for it to rot down, then more layering, then a bit of compost before the final layer of mulch. It’s a lot to fit in around everything else, but finally…it’s done and I feel great for completing it.

This effort is to combat our rock hard clay and lack of soil for planting into. I’m hoping it will be well worth the effort. I lost blueberries last year because they couldn’t cope with the hard clay.  I’m excited about under-planting the fruit trees and also about planting the kids veg bed out near the cubby house. I am so seriously excited!!!

Ready for under-planting the pluot and the macadamia trees

Now for the fun part – planting seeds!!! – which is the great bit as it will involve the kids a lot more. I’m pretty sure they were starting to get bored watching me make garden lasagne. I’m also raising some stuff from seeds in my little greenhouse, and I’ll probably  buy some seedlings in a few weeks time just to keep things ticking along at different speeds.

Some more photos:

Macamadia tree in foreground and recently planted Native Frangipani in the background
Along the length, my raised beds in the distance (deliberately left to go to seed at this point so the bees come in to pollinate the fruit blossom)
My wee greenhouse

I celebrated by finally relenting to letting my daughter pick the first orange from our tree. It was pretty small and gone in about two seconds between the three of us – soooo juicy!! The other one is on the tree for Daddy.

Action shot – the moment the first orange was picked
My two slices
Gone – had to stop him eating all the skin
The only thing that stops her talking for a second. 🙂
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