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The new cows arrived today. The friends we bought them from followed us to our place and after a small misadventure to do with our steep driveway and a float-load of cow bulk came the unavoidable need to release the cows half way up the driveway. It looked like we were about to see the sequel to the Big Jack runaway episode of last year because the cows decided to have a run over the rolling hills of the neighbour’s property. Watching them speeding off into the distance on the wrong property was not a good feeling.

After much cross-country following and calling by Richard and friends – I lost track of time but possibly an hour or so later – the cows were finally convinced to follow our friends back over the hills into our property and into the safety of the cattle yard.

I must admit that the sight of seeing the little cows hoofing it into the distance on the wrong property made me panic into forgetting I my burgeoning baby belly and running across the yard to collect lucerne bales to tempt them back. I am paying for my exertions now with stomach muscles I never knew existed. I allowed myself a reality check and decided instead to use my belly bulk half way down the driveway as an effective belly-boulder roadblock. It was either that, or possibly go into labour 10 weeks early. 😉 I was *so* relieved that the three of them managed to get the cows back and that in my small way I could at least help.

So, panic over, it was definitely a relief to see the little cows safe in their yard this afternoon. We’ve already started to bond with them and dote on them.

Here are some photographs.

cows 3

cows 2

Tiny & Lady:


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