I’m a student again … for a day


I’m *so* excited. A problem for me has always been the cost of permaculture courses. At the moment with my post-postgraduate depression, I feel the need to study something, and permaculture is it. However, the cost of such courses are way beyond my reach.

Tonight I found a reference to a 1 day WEA Intro to Permaculture course for only $45. I was so excited that I went straight to their site at enrolled. Just exactly what I’m looking for on a Saturday in November.


Permaculture is the conscience design of sustainable human landscapes and habitats that produce an abundance. These landscapes make use of ecological principles and patterns in nature. This course will introduce you to new, exciting concepts, and offer practical ways to live more self-reliantly. The history of permaculture, organic garden design, plants and animal systems, soils, energy efficient housing and ecovillages will be discussed.

I can’t wait .. !!!!!!!!


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