Goodbye to 6 tails


Well, it was inevitable.

warning- lame comment alert:
We used to sing Puff the Magic dragon in primary school (who didn’t) and you know that sad bit in the ‘Puff the Magic dragon’ song when Jackie Paper stops visiting Puff and Puff cries and crawls into his cave… you realise (or at least I did) that life isn’t all about eternally happy animals or eternally young people. Well, I’m still having these realisations as an adult but surprisingly not via naff songs but real experience.

This week we are selling our cows to market. We will be getting more calves straight away, so there will be new tails swishing in the paddock, but I’m anticipating that saying goodbye to our first six is going to be a bit of an ordeal. They get picked up on Tuesday. Cows are amazing animals – you get attached to their habits, personalities and long eyelashes. We only named the little one (Sanjeev) and now I’m pretty glad about that.


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