Goatee oatee


Fionna is finally interacting with the animals and vice versa.

Mostly this is good.

She’s had a one minute long giggle at the dogs, Molly & Elf and she’s seen her first kangaroo.  Merlin has had his tail pulled and Gandalf has had his ear yanked.

Also, a mouse has visited her room and a white-tipped spider made it to within 30 cms of her and Merlin hid under our bed one night and was later caught sleeping next to Fionna her in her cot.  Hmmmm….back to the good interactions perhaps…

Her favourite four-legged friend is definitely Tara the goat though – probably because everytime we see her I sing: “My highland goaty-oatee-oatee-oatee-oat” etc… he he  good thing our neighbours aren’t too close with my singing.




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