Gandalf arrives


There was a new wil-o-wisp sized addition to the shire farm a few nights ago. Gandalf arrived from a neighbouring shire and joined the household as Merlin’s little brother, by adoption. He’s all big paws clumsiness.

gandalf the grey (kitten)

Before he arrived, we had no idea about his colouring, but a few days ago I said that if he was the grey cat I’d always wanted, (just like Merlin was the black cat I’d always wanted and was found with existing Arthurian name – bonus points on the destiny factor) we would have to call the little grey one, Gandalf (the Grey) from Lord of the Rings, which would sit nicely with the existing mature Merlin in the wizardly relationship context. Well, he’s definitely grey and I can’t bring myself to wave my hand at fate at pick another name, so it sticks, no matter how cheesey.

*update* – I found out that a friend of mine has a Dad (that’s not the cool bit) who’s cat just died recently (that’s not the cool bit either) –> an old cat called *Gandalf* was he. An old spirit takes to The Wild Roads…a new kitten spirit steps off the roads, fleetingly – to be part of our lives.


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