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I’ve been thinking about beer. Lots of girls don’t like beer but maybe that’s because they have only experimented with the common garden variety. Outside of the garden, in the wild fields of wheat, flowers and hops, grows the finest ingredients that go into the finest beers. Thats right, beyond the garden gate are beers with herbal fruityness, wood, the freshest soil, the taste of fresh rain.

You think I exaggerate? I do not. These flavours are out there. Try James Squire’s Pilsner or the unbelievable Mac’s Blonde Coriander and Orange or their Wicked Blonde (a pilsner I dream of having never sipped it yet), or even any variety of Honey Beer.

Real beers like these taste of the earth.

Proper beer, like the finest pilsners, belongs to what I like to call the ‘Medieval good group (MFG)’. This little known food group consists of foods and drinks that when consumed transport you back to the times of your ancestors. They taste like the earth or fields and flowers, like carrots with their tops on, these are raw beers that grew and were brewed by loving hands, minds and hearts. They have natural stuff in them.

The MFG is fairly specific, in fact because I invented it, I guess I can pretty much include anything. In fact I think the MFG is specific to the person. Not just any foods fit into this group. You don’t know if a flavour belongs until it is consumed. You will know when a food or drink belongs to your own MFG when you taste it because you get that feeling of timeless taste, wholesome goodness, the food is literally growing you healthy.
Example of foods that have made it into my MFG are:

  • roasted chestnuts
  • pilsner (mainly the boutique brewers who brew from wild)
  • Mac’s Coriander and Orange beer
  • porridge
  • mead
  • sweet potatoes
  • chick peas
  • hazelnuts
  • real ginger beer
  • Paris Creek biodynamic yoghurt
  • okra (it’s so hairy that it’s scary but in a curry it’s gumminess does something amazing)
  • heirloom vegetables (I’m looking forward to purple carrots and brown capsicum)

I know there are more. I will find them. If you are looking for your own MFG, start with naturally brewed beers. Once you hop, you can’t stop.

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