Baby Balti


This day old calf we adopted is just about plugging the leaking hole in my heart arising from selling our first cows off like commodities.

This is Balti. baby balti

From hand feeding him via a bottle for the first few days, to teaching him (using a wrestling-like technique and much sucking of fingers and biting of teeth) to drink from his first bucket, I find myself completely in love with the little fella.

Which is not the way to feel at all….

After being so closely involved with his first few days of life and being recognised by him as ‘mum’, with all the relevant communicative moos becoming an understood language between us, there is an inherent problem. Balti’s intended fate is a little bit closer to home than our big cows, in terms of our freezer compartment. That’s right, Balti is supposed to end up as home grown beef.

I really don’t know if I can handle that though. I know I have a year or so to get used to the idea….but I really really have grave doubts about whether his fate will be something I can stomach (in more ways than one). For now he is my wobbly legged comedic wee pal.


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