Another goodbye


No posts for a while … I’ve been … distracted.

This week we are on holiday and have had to sell 4 cows because of the odd extremely dry October. Summer has come way too early and there is just no way to sustain our 8 cows who are already on the borderline of being able to continue grazing.

Yes, this includes Balti. Our hand reared pet-like cow has gone to a friend’s house and will stock their freezer in the not too distant future. Balti was always intended to be food, but when it comes to it, we are just too soft and can’t make the transition from pet to plate.

We’ve never split the cows before, last year we sold them all together and it is a bit sad to hear Skye pining for Balti. We sold all the males (4) and kept 4 females as we can then make a decision about trying to produce calves, preferably nearer to autumn. With the early summer, autumn seems to be in the very distant future …

So, yet again at this time of year, the farm breaths a little wisp of sadness as some great personalities move onto their next phase.


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