After dark: Fins & plants, ladders & rivers, prostitutes & castle walls

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Since June, my strange dreams induced by what must have been a psychedelic cocktail of early pregnancy hormones did settle down a little. I perhaps remembered a few each week, but most were fairly run of the mill stuff. I felt normal again.

However, now in the last few weeks of pregnancy, some new chemicals must be mixing around in my neurons because the frequency of dreams each night and the strangeness of them is now way beyond what it was back in June. I’m feeling like a real mental case again.

This week alone (keep in mind it is only Tuesday) I have dreamt:

Dream 1
I had to swim across the gulf to the Yorke Peninsula at night with an old couple to help them carrying something. I’m not a strong swimmer but reasoned that I could help because my belly would act as buoyancy and keep me afloat. Half way across there was a jetty but it was too cold to stop so we had to keep swimming. The water was jet black and turtles and fish kept swimming under us from beneath and it was difficult to tell if the sharper fins brushing our bellies were sharks or dolphins.

Dream 2
I worked in a huge plant nursery as an expert in succulent plants. I had my own greenhouse and customers were asking me questions about the plants. They were thanking me for my expertise and I felt really proud that I’d worked so hard to learn about the plants which were incredibly beautiful.

Dream 3
Our real half a kilometer steep dirt unsealed driveway was instead an immense cliff with a huge aluminium ladder embedded into the cliff. I had to park at the bottom and climb the ladder. I was wearing one of Richard’s jumpers and my mum was at the bottom yelling “You’ve got bird shit on your jumper!”. I said “Yes, it’s all over the ladder” and was trying to concentrate on getting up the ladder and wondering why she was distracting me with this minor detail.

Dream 4
Another dream, again on the driveway, I reversed to the side, out of the path of a small truck belting towards me on the drive which only takes one way traffic. I realised I was reversing onto the bank of a large fast flowing river and as soon as I remembered that the bank was incredibly soft, the soft ground gave way and the Forester sank backwards into the river. It floated for a few seconds and I thought “It’s ok, don’t panic, I just need to open the door and get out and swim to the bank”. Then I realised to my horror that I wasn’t in the drivers seat, I was in the back of the car and it was a 2 door only. To get out I would have to push the front seat forward, open the front door and step over to get out. Then I realised that the baby could also be in the capsule beside me. I didn’t dare look to my side to check, instead I thought “I can’t do this, can’t handle this, wake me up” and I woke up. My heart was hammering and waking up felt terrible because I hadn’t even tried to assess the situation, I’d just given up and had chosen to opt out and not try to save either one of us.

Dream 5
Richard and I were in a futuristic city. We were in a hotel and going out for a meal. I wore a red dress (which I don’t own) and people were giving me weird looks. Richard went to a cash point to get some money and a man made a lewd comment and grabbed me by the shoulders and tried to walk me away. I shook him off thinking he was drunk or weird. Richard and I walked on a little further and I realised that I was the only person getting singled out for this kind of attention and that people hated me. I saw a kind looking young Japenese girl and approached her. She looked wary of me. I pleaded “I’m not from around here, I need to know why people are being horrible to me”. She said “You are wearing a red dress – no one wears those any more, people think you are a prostitute and they are illegal here now”. I was mortified, so we went back to the hotel and I changed.

Dream 6
Richard and I were in an open-topped castle barracks and trying to shelter from bombs being dropped from planes at night. Someone else fleeing threw their cat into the shelter with us (the cat was our cat Gandalf). The bombing stopped a little and Richard scaled the castle wall down to the ground. I followed, but first told the cat to latch onto my back, which it did with some help. I scaled the wall and then used someones back to stand on and get to ground level which got us into the a castle hall type of area. There was a large open-fire in the room so I made the cat comfortable there. I walked around and the room was like an empty marketplace with closed stalls. A few people from work that I don’t know well came up to me and I felt reluctant to talk, but they insisted on an explanation as to why I was still pregnant. I was holding a long pillow and I explained that I was carrying it just in case I got admitted, and they said that it was dirty and needed a new pillow case. I looked at it, and is was covered in dirt from the castle walls, but I couldn’t believe how rude they were being about it because I’d just scaled the castle wall with a cat on my back! No wonder the pillow was dirty! I was pretty annoyed and just wanted to go home. 😉

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