A new rooster era…


Yesterday we bought a new rooster at the local Lions auction. We spotted this rooster early looking extremely handsome and very calm even when suffering the indignity of sitting in a cardboard box. He had all the signs of being perfect for our place. As there were so many roosters (many were passed in unsold) our intended rooster got put with a batch and the highest bidder would get first choice. Richard won the bid at $6 and we got him.

Rajiv the new rooster
He has the same regal beauty as Rasputin, and in keeping with my preference for names for roosters beginning with ‘R’…we’ve named him Rajiv, a name of Indian hindi origins which apparently means ‘striped’. It really seems to suit his classic colours and the intensity of his beady gaze.

We also bought two young large hens, which gives us 1 rooster, 6 hens , 1 young unknown (Lucky) and 2 ducks.

I’ve seen the fox again, and even with the dogs beside me it moved off without any real alarm, looking back frequently to see how far we would follow. It is *so* beautiful, especially in the twilight when the sun catches it’s fur. Half of me wants to encourage it to visit just to see it, but the other half of me wants my chickens free again.


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